Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Flu Macro 2011

I have an AutoHotkey macro for flu immunisations that manages batch numbers and can be set to add a prescription if needed.


On Google Docs.


Monday, 5 September 2011

Journal views and SCI GW

A thing that really annoyed me was the breaking of the management of tabs in journal - the wrong View Options would appear when selecting from a (R) click.

At the NVUG Scottish Conf in June someone in the audience reminded me that you need to put the SCI GW tab as the last tab, otherwise things break. And, true enough, having done this the View Options all work again.

SCI GW is painful to use though. Slow.... and clunky.

Remember always in the GW referral to check and edit medical history - try not to send details of a patient's erectile dysfunction to the eye specialist etc...


Saturday, 21 May 2011

More macros

Ah but of course it is never so simple...

If the patient has a Vision reminders (yellow box) open then this gets the focus when you do winactivate.

So, this is my solution though I am sure there must be a more elegant one...

;Send focus to Consultation Manager
Process, Exist,conmgr.exe ; set the variable errorLevel to the PID of con man
if ErrorLevel ; If Errorlevel is not zero then it is the PID of conman so
IfWinActive, ahk_pid %ErrorLevel% ; if it already active do nothing!
else ;otherwise...
WinActivate, ahk_pid %ErrorLevel% ; activate conman
IfWinActive, Patient Reminders ; and if the reminders are there they get the focus! So, close them
WinClose, Patient Reminders
sendinput, !vr ; then reopen them and conman will now be properly activated and have the focus
IF NOT ErrorLevel ; if errorlevel is zero con man is not running.
MsgBox,,Macro Run Error!, Consultation Manager is not running!


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Autohotkey Vision

Hello. Been a bit busy :)

Have started playing with Authohotkey, which is super if a somewhat a steep learining curve. Far more powerful than MacroExpress. Pleased today as this script:

Process, Exist,conmgr.exe
WinActivate, ahk_pid %ErrorLevel%

activates Consultation Manager as the active window, either as a subroutine when called or via the hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+C. I will call it as a subroutine, the hotkey was just to show it works.

This is good because MacroExpress could never do this reliably for me.