Thursday, 20 December 2007

XMAS Guideline

Did this:

to try and capture the informal stuff we do and also to capture X-mas cards and gifts.

Found a code entered which said:

8C85.11 GIFT 'biscuits'

which, as coding errors go, is almost funny.

Though, on reflection, that is perhaps a bit geeky and sad. :-(

Anyway, we have fixed this now by using this guideline and have pointed the keyword 'gift' at:

9N57.00 Admin reason for encounter

and then staff free text the pressie / card / whatever. No pheasants though. I have never been a doctor that worked in area where patients brought me such things. Not sure it is really my style of practice anyway. grumble grumble....


Contract Plus

Colin installed this for us. It is very good, isn't it?

Still have to pay for it though, but it is not prohibitive by any means.

I like the alert boxes, which are much more functional than the standard V3 yellow popups - very good at focusing your attention on what needs done for QOF purposes. And the daily analysis is excellent, with our projected for 31/3 reflecting a lot of annual work that was doen in 03/07. This means, in case you had not worked it out, that our predicted points for 03/08 drop by about 60 from today's level. :-( Still, at least we now have an easier way of identifying what work needs done to deal with this.

Also: messaging. Contract Plus does patient and non patient related instant messaging. Initially this is very 'in your face' - i.e. modal and non movable pop-ups, but there are options for changing this behavior to a more passive method (and indeed, with draggable (?sp) windows).

Still playing around with it, and not yet comfortable with how to use it. Has a lot of user options and tweakability, which is good but demands some learning.

Be saying goodbye to Spark and eJabberd though, I think.


Tuesday, 11 December 2007

To Attach a 'Full Patient Record' Printout to Docman in Vision 3


The requirement is to attach to Docman the usual paper printout of the computer record that a practice would supply when a patient transfers out. The value of this is that with a Docman to Docman transfer, the 'Full Patient Record' will be included in the transfer.

What Does Vision 3 do?

The Vision 3 built in approach is to use the Patient Report 'Full' from Searches and Reports as shown below:

Note that the V3 Help files states:

'But there are some details the Full Patient report omits which strictly speaking by law the patient should see on the printout – the patient's Previous Surname, and the Second Forename and Other Forename (other than the first forename). It also does not record whether the patient is cared for by a carer. Note they are not allowed to see the name of the carer on a printout, just a Yes or No if cared for by one.'

and does provide workarounds for this.

Get a Virtual Printer Driver

It is suggested that your PCT IM&T department will deal with installing the 'virtual printer driver', as there are several different formats available.

Once that is done, move on to the next step.

Print the Report to the Virtual Printer Driver

The process to print is to select the 'Full' report and the patient as shown in the screenshot above and then click on 'Print':

Change the output type to Printer:

Then click on Print Options and change to your virtual printer:

Click Print again, and the again and the report will be sent to the Virtual Printer, again creating a file which can then be attached to Docman.


Sunday, 9 December 2007

The batch file

It's a busy time of year, isn't it?!

Anyway, here is the contents of the batch file as referred to in my last post:

subst o: /d
subst p: /d
subst O: F:\
subst P: F:\data

so, you replace 'F' with whatever your encrypted drive maps to.