Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Sometimes you just need a break. Back now though.

We have discovered Smart Priority Numbers for Vision 3 from Bradley Sieve. This is just the utility we need to sort out our mess of priorities, with our odd mix of 1s, 2s, 3s and more.

Not had the chance to play with it much as yet, but here is the main screen:

from http://www.tailormadeit.co.uk.

Clever :)


Monday, 7 April 2008

With Macro Express

With Macro Express you can achieve the same thing more efficiently with respect to changing priorities.

This is the code:

Variable Set Decimal %D1% from Prompt
Variable Set Decimal %D2% from Prompt
Repeat Until %D1% = 0
Text Type: ey%D2%k
Variable Modify Decimal: %D1% = %D1% - 1
Delay 50 Milliseconds
Repeat End

and it will prompt you for how many items to change and to which priority.


Thursday, 3 April 2008

Priorities .... again...

So we have adjusted our priorities to be 1 and 2 for high and 3 for routine, and that is it. Unfortunately we have a lot of Priority 2 items that are really routine entries, as '2' was default for medical history items for some time. Consequently, my Medical Summary guidelines has had to use P1 items then P2 items of type 'Diagnosis' as below:

In Edit mode:

But this means we have a lot of data tidying to do over the next year (or more!). Data tidying is similar to painting the Forth Rail Bridge, but less risky.

So, how do you change 30 P2 items to P3?

Keyboard Express, of course. :-)

Get this from:


This is a keyboard macro program, that can play back a series of keystrokes automatically and efficiently.

Having installed this I created a macro with this code:


which will change 38 items (REPEAT:0038) to Priority 3 (y3) from a filtered journal list view in Consultation Manager.

So now I can filter the view in CM to show the P2 items I wish changed, note from the Navigation Pane how many there are and adjust the number in Keyboard Express accordingly. Highlight the first one and then initiate the macro and in aout 20 seconds 30 + items go from P2 to P3.

It would be even more useful if this would work on a Guideline view, but I think I would need to use Macro Express, which captures mouse movements and clicks to achieve this.