Thursday, 29 May 2008

Drug Defaults

If you don't have these on then every time you attempt to prescribe a commonly used item such as Paracetamol tablets 500mg you will have to amend the default quantity (it defaults to '8' from Normalex) and probably the dosage instructions as well.

So: sort out drug defaults. You (R) click on the drug name and select 'Drug Defaults' -> 'Maintain' to do this.

Agree the usual defaults with your partners and prescribers to avoid arguments. Drug defaults will apply across your practice - not just to you.

If you start setting these up in an opportunistic way then within a week you will have the 10 common ones and by 6 months you will have 80% of them done. And it saves so much time and hassle it is definitely worth the investment.

If you cannot remember Paracetamol 120mg / 5ml dosages per age group (and after 14 years of GP working I still have to check them!) then setting these up in drug defaults is a little bit of magic.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I went to Campbeltown to do some training work on consulting with computers and Vision 3. Thanks to all the team there, but this drew to my attention to how many practices never quite get around to setting up Vision 3 therapy correctly and this just makes your life difficult!

The steps to succesfully using Vision 3 therapy functions are to:

  • Setup a Drug Formulary
  • Set users to select from formulary
  • Spend the time setting sensible and agreed Drug Defaults
  • Understand what Dosage Codes do and how to ignore them

The first is essential as it limits your initial choice of drug. Remember: a drug formulary is practice wide, not per user, and you can only have one formulary for each practice. In V4 land we are going to extend this functionality for multiple formularies per practice but, as you can imagine, this may get rather more complicated!

You can setup a drug formulary by hand, by trawling the action groups and double clicking to select or de-select drugs or you can use the Drug Dictionary Utilities to quickly create a rough and ready formulary which you can fine tune later.

Enable this per user in Control Panel, Security, Edit User, 'Select Drugs from Drug Formulary' and 'By Drug Name'.

Then you are no longer selecting from all the drugs in the dictionary but from a subset, thus 5 paracetamol preparations rather than 100!


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Drugs Clinic Guideline

Version 1.0. Designed in part to replicate the data collection required for reporting purposes.