Monday, 25 August 2008

Drug check in F3

When searching for a drug if you (R) click on it you can select 'Drug Check'. like so:

which, usefully, will run decision support checks against the drug before you have selected it.


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Dealing with journal clutter

The Journal list is a list of everything that has happened for that patient and, consequently, trying to use it for day to day stuff can be troublesome as it fills up with repeat issues and pathology. Cutting through all that to see just the narrative can be done by setting your 'initial filter' to exclude those items.

Right click on the 'Initial Filter' on the Navigation Pane and select 'Show items with no data'. You have to do this so you can select from all the possible items on the list to exclude or include them.

This done, you then go through the list and, holding down CTRL, left click to select items.

Then (R) click on the 'Initial Filter' again and select 'Save Selection as Initial Filter'.

You have to make sure you have a Filtered Journal List in your tabs in Consultation Manager for this to work. I have this set as my default tab on entry to the record, but I also keep the full Journal view in a tab adjacent to it.