Tuesday, 21 October 2008

DLM 260

Ah...we got this. Med 3s in an SDA, need to make a decision as a practice if we use these or just use medical history. Mucks up our 'certificates' guideline also.

Immediately wrote a macro to do 'yes' and 'proceed' for drug warnings. I was used to working with the warnings previously, and now find I cannot easily filter out the stuff I want to see. Humph. Soon to be fixed in Scotland though, I believe.



Worked with problems for about a month now and variable experience with them. Perhaps I need some training, not so much in the how to use the software, but perhpas more in how to run and operate a problem orientated record.

There is an overhead in maintaining the problem list, and making sure stuff you enter goes under the correct problem heading. Some of the V3 tools make this relatively easy, but overall it is a footer to maintain. If I get the chance I will try and attend the problems talk at NVUG this year, which may help.

Certainly it is useful to see a list of active problems for the patient when they come in the door, and makes it much easier to sort and recall what the current issues are.

I'll keep going with it for now. Getting the rest of the practice team to use them effectively would seem quite a difficult task though.