Thursday, 2 April 2009

QOf ooops

So figures a little wrong on account fo the 'patients registered in last 3m' QMAS / INPS reporting problem. Like everyone. This statement if you have not seen it before:

"Following the QMAS transmission on 31st March 2009 INPS were made aware by practices that there seemed to be an error in figures reported to QMAS. The error is apparent in any audit line where registration dates and dates of birth are calculated to Reference Date, where the program mistakenly calculates these figures to next year’s Reference Date of 1st April 2010. This issue was not apparent during the extensive testing both before and after conformance of the audits and has been difficult to isolate even now.

We spent most of the day yesterday investigating the extent of the problem and trying to assess the implications for each practice, but INPS deeply regret that it is likely that ALL INPS sites will be affected by this and the data on any practice’s monthly submission could be incorrect. The level of inaccuracy in the figures will have dependencies on practice size, population turnover and demographics.

We are talking to the QMAS/PCAS/CMWeb teams in England / Scotland / Wales / Northern Ireland and will be negotiating with your PCT/LHB/HB as to how this situation is best managed. In the meantime we would advise all practices that their QOF submission is NOT signed off until a fix and resolution is available."

The senior management have kept the User Group informed of this situation and how they are dealing with it.

We hope that it will be resolved over the next few days. Information will be made available on the INPS website as soon as possible.

A special team has been formed on the help desk to deal with it.

We would emphasize the advice from INPS that no practice should sign off on their QOF submission until this issue has been resolved. If you have already signed off then contact your PCT/LHB/HB and advise them that you have just found out that your figures may be wrong and that this matter is being investigated by INPS.