Thursday, 20 August 2009

Medication decision support options

"Never" is back on drug-disease checks, and 'suppress all' on duplicate therapy. I have changed my settings as follows:

I have left on duplicate therapy (doubling), as I like it but it would be good if we could use a shorter date offset for this.


at 10

Top tip:

"In Event Date on a data entry form, you can enter the phrase "at [patient's age]", eg at 7, and Vision will enter the year when the patient was this age. This is useful for entering historical records."



Yay, we got this last week. Finally. Staff had training on this a few weeks back, but I missed out on that. I have downloaded the User Guides, which are helpfully located on the INPS Web Site:

And I see now require you to click your country, as the development of services in the various parts of the UK continues to diverge.

Recalls is what I want to get my teeth into - a simple change but one that I have been wanting since first getting Vision in 1997 and watching the number of recalls for patients steadilly expand. Now with three statuses - Outstanding, Cancelled, Complete (and ) these become much more useful, but only with a little thought as to where to apply them. PHQ9 second assessment would seem likely, as we have missed a few of these already.

Not sure if 2nd PHQ9s actually do anything at all for patient care, but that would almost be a political statement and surely no the kind of thing I would want to be associated with.

Anyway, new recall functionality should be good. And hopefully put an end to the convoluted recall searches we had to do in the past.