Tuesday, 9 February 2010


On DLM 295. This:


is currently the place to go for DLM Help files. Every time you get un update, which happens automatically, it is sensible to check the user guide to see what's new.

As it happens, in 295 there is not a lot for Scotland! Installment prescribing we already have - it is a little button adjacent to the Advice for Patients one on therapy-add forms and simply lets you free text the installment dispensing arrangment. AFAIK in CMS (which is the Scottish e-pharmacy model of repeat dispensing (and so much more, of course!)) the installment info goes along with the message when sent electronically, although I do not think this applies as easily to the AMS model.

Not sure, frankly. Whatever, it is just a button that lets you type in some free text instructions.

CVS risk has been updated too, though still no ASSIGN. I use a guideline linking off to the ASSIGN web site, and in this guideline I display all the relevant bits of data such as LDL, HDL etc. ASSIGN is here:


We have just signed up to PTI which is an NHS Scotland service run by Information Services Division (ISD). Sounds a tad Orwellian, but we will let that slide for now... They hoover up data (anonymised, or as much as it can be) and analyse activity then provide reports on data quality and workload back to practices. Not a bad thing, we hope. Slightly concerned that they do not gather data from Telephone Encounters, of course now about 25% to 30% of our workload. Perhaps a need for more GP involvement at the receiving end?

Awaiting the new Problems functionality impatiently, as I like working with Problems but become frustrated by clutter, and footerieness of the current implementation albeit it is usable, but just not wonderful. Using a Problem orientated approach with Vision does start to make more sense of your patients' conditions and, indeed, problems than the simple journalised narrative plus priority approach (although this is very powerful method of working with V3).

Meanwhile GP appraisal beckons yet again, and yet again I have failed to make use of DXS tools for helping with this. Perhaps one to add to my PDP for next year: learn how to record learning with DXS. A tad recursive, but I understand educationalists don't mind this sort of thing.